The Boston Grand Hack is no longer virtual! After holding our Grand Hack online due to SARS-CoV-2, we will be back in person this year. Safety will remain our priority, so join us in our return to an in-person Grand Hack!

Interested in disrupting healthcare?

Join MIT Hacking Medicine at our annual flagship event in Boston! This is the weekend to brainstorm and build innovative solutions with hundreds of like-minded engineers, clinicians, designers, developers and business people. Within our multi-theme event, there is sure to be a healthcare challenge for everyone! 

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Watch and listen to the full video below from our MIT Grand Hack in Boston from May 2019!


Home-Based Remote Patient Monitoring

The advent of long COVID and ongoing healthcare system strain of managing chronic conditions has highlighted the need for better remote patient monitoring systems. There has been recent focus on unbundling the hospital to have patients receive more hospital-quality care in their home, and devices designed for the hospital/clinic often require re-design for home use. How can everyday items around the home be re-designed to monitor patients in ways that respect privacy? How can we gain insight into which patient populations may need more support in meeting their health goals?

Healthcare Data Liquidity and Transparency

The amount of digital data within our healthcare systems have grown exponentially and the walled gardens of health systems are opening up. Data relating to patient health records, population health management, disease trends, hospital pricing and utilization… the list grows. Join this track to create solutions for how this data can be used to create efficiency and add value to the healthcare system. How can hospital pricing data, required to now be published openly, be used to benefit pricing transparency, consumer choice and increase health equity? How can patients retain private, secure access to their health records? How can health data be levered to gain insights into disease management?

InterSystems Sponsor Challenge

We are looking for the most interesting applications that make use of HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource) standards. Interacting with the smart device or hospital’s EMR? Building a consumer-facing mobile app or predicting the next infection outbreak with Machine Learning? All of the above? Up to you, as long as your solution helps to improve people’s health.

To qualify for the prize, your solution needs to use one or more InterSystems FHIR services, such as InterSystems FHIR accelerator service and/or HealthShare Message Transformation Service.


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