Congratulations to all participants of Grand Hack 2023! We look forward to seeing you at Grand Hack 2024!

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Watch and listen to the full video below from our MIT Grand Hack in Boston from 2022! Stay tuned for our 2023 recap!

2023 Grandhack Tracks

Early Cancer Diagnosis

Detecting cancer in patients as early  as possible gives them the best chance for successful treatment. When cancer care is delayed or inaccessible there is a lower chance of survival, greater problems associated with treatment, and higher costs of care. Existing cancer-screening tools help but are still limited in when and which patients get them.  How might we be able to find novel approaches to early cancer diagnosis?   

Decentralized Care 

Today, much of healthcare is currently provided in the hospital or clinic setting. The future of healthcare and wellness is outside of the walls of the hospital system.  Health organizations will need to be able to bring the excellence of in-person clinical care outside of hospitals and expand preventive care.  How might we use everyday objects to provide healthcare information? How might physicians and health systems be more connected to patients in different settings? How might high-quality care be expanded in non-clinical settings? How might be able to work with and connect these new measures of trend data?

Sustainable Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most wasteful industries in the world. Physical waste production, mismanagement, misuse, or overuse of resources and time are all issues that plague healthcare. How might we innovate to make healthcare a more sustainable industry? How can waste and overuse be reduced without impacting patient outcomes? How might we better manage the time and use of medical personnel?

For over a decade, we have empowered and recognized a global community of 30+ countries and 25,685 hackers in healthcare innovation.

This year, we will be hosting a Beyond Hack Track, where we invite a select number of past participant teams to return to Grand Hack and take their ventures to the next level with the specialized guidance of judges, mentors, and workshops.

Some challenges that teams will tackle: Does the technology work safely to solve the problem, and will clinicians/patients utilize it? How can we further refine business models, secure funding, and make strategic go-to-market strategies?

Apply to participate in the Beyond Hack Track if you would like to return to Grand Hack with your team!

Some prizes include: 

  1. Priority review for Massachusetts Digital Health sandbox (
  2. Introductions to incubators, accelerators and early-stage venture capital funds
  3. Cash prizes to fund further development

InterSystems All Track Sponsor Challenge

We are looking for the most interesting applications that make use of InterSystems FHIR SQL Builder. Show us how your data-driven application can improve patient health, healthcare workflow, and/or population health through insights or interesting combinations of data, by adding new data to existing datasets or finding innovative trends, or something we haven’t even imagined. It’s up to you!

To qualify for the prize, your solution needs to make use of InterSystems FHIR SQL Builder in some manner. InterSystems will provide free access to cloud-hosted accounts, sample health data, and onsite mentor support.

1st Place: $2,000 

2rd and 3rd place winners: Swag Pack for each team member

View the challenge details!

The Patient Safety Technology Challenge, funded by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation and administered by Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative, is designed to fuel the engagement of students and innovators in creating solutions and envisioning transformational approaches to reduce preventable harm from medical errors and reimagine a vastly safer healthcare system. The initiative injects patient safety awards into existing local, regional, and national competitions – like MIT Hacking Medicine’s Grand Hack – and will produce a documentary to help increase awareness of the patient safety crisis. This prize is open to all tracks.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts specialty prize would be given to one team from each track (3 prizes of $500 each) which is aimed toward promoting health equity for marginalized communities, as well as reducing friction between payers, providers, and patients.


The Boston Grand Hack 2023 is only possible thanks to our generous sponsors!