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Join MIT Hacking Medicine as we bring the MIT Grand Hack to Washington D.C.! This is the weekend to brainstorm and build innovative solutions with hundreds of like-minded engineers, clinicians, designers, developers and business people. Within our multi-theme event, there is sure to be a healthcare challenge for everyone! 

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Access to Healthcare

Many people around the world are limited in their access to necessary healthcare services, thereby increasing their risk of poor health outcomes and serious complications. These barriers to healthcare are out of the patient’s control, largely stemming from economic disparities, lack of education, and lack of availability of services in their geographical area. Veterans, in particular, can often have difficulty receiving timely checkups due to high demand and the distance to VA clinics. How can we work for these underserved populations to deliver basic healthcare needs? What simple technologies can be set up to introduce clinical care at minimal cost? How can we improve access to continuing care for veterans who are unable to make it to their closest VA hospital? This track will work together to ensure broader access to care for underserved populations – exploring the source of pain points in delivering healthcare and introducing ways to circumvent economic and geographical barriers.

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Mental Health & Professional Burnout

Whether directly or indirectly from depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, substance use, personality disorders, loneliness or burnout, millions of people live with a mental health condition. Join others in the mental health track & professional burnout track to tackle the broad range of pain points surrounding this complex field. How can we better detect, diagnose, and prevent these mental health conditions that often occur from professional settings? How can we help veterans suffering from conditions such as PTSD improve their health? How can we continue to de-stigmatize mental health conditions and ensure that our society better accommodates for those who live with chronic mental health conditions? How can we ensure broader access to care, especially for vulnerable populations, and improve retention in treatment?​

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Rare & Orphan Diseases

A rare disease is defined as a condition that affects fewer than 200,000 people. Rare diseases become orphan diseases when drug companies are no longer interested in developing treatments against them. With the low prevalence, how can we work to prioritize cures for rare and orphaned diseases? What technologies can be set up to better diagnose & treat these diseases? How do we improve the design & implementation of drug development programs focused on rare diseases ? Can we enable patients to accurately self-diagnose their rare disease, and are there ways to efficiently share knowledge among researchers to increase understanding and advance treatment? This track will focus on diseases that impact a relatively small portion of the world’s population – emphasizing solutions that help with the knowledge transfer, diagnosis, and treatment of rare diseases while ensuring these solutions are accessible to those who may have social, psychological, economic, or cultural roadblocks.​








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August 2-4, 2019

Samsung Solutions Center
Washington DC, USA


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