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We all know someone who has been touched by cancer – join MIT Hacking Medicine’s cancer track as we stand up to this condition and tackle problems across the patient care spectrum from the social stigma of hair loss to powering genomic driven clinical trial enrollment. Spend the weekend stopping oncogenic drivers and boosting tumor suppressors with a passionate team of likeminded people seeking to make a dent in cancer. This track will emphasize pain points within the lifecycle of the cancer patient journey & explore innovative ways to bring novel therapies to patients faster.

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Mental Health

Millions of Americans live with a mental health condition. Many of us have felt the impact--whether directly or indirectly--of depression, anxiety, OCD, substance use, personality disorders, loneliness or burnout. Join others in the mental health track to tackle the broad range of pain points surrounding this complex field. How can we better detect and more accurately diagnose mental health conditions? How can we ensure broader access to care, especially for vulnerable populations, and improve retention in treatment? How can we continue to de-stigmatize mental health conditions? How can our society better accommodate those who live with chronic mental health conditions?

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OptimizinG surgical outcomes

Some patient and medical factors are highly correlated with successful outcomes for surgery. When the surgery is elective, patients may have some opportunities to optimize these factors and increase their likelihood of a successful outcome. Tools to drive behavior change have had mixed success. What opportunities are there using data in novel ways to realize the optimization (e.g., weight loss, smoking cessation, increased activity, to name just a few)? What are specific considerations and how might this solution be tailored for different populations, for example if the patient were your (a) grandparent, (b) parent, (c) child?

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Assistive TECH & Rehab

Eliminate pain, rehabilitate injury, and optimize performance—assistive technology allows us to push the boundaries of human ability for people living with disabilities. Rehabilitation offers a path for patients to restore some or all of their physical, sensory, and mental capabilities that were once lost due to injury, illness, or disease. How can we improve upon this process to better patient outcomes? What technologies can we develop to assist them in their journey to recovery? This track will discover innovative approaches aimed at supporting a patient’s ability to maintain a high level of independence by improving function and quality of life.

Event Overview


[table width=”100%”] Time, Event Details

5:00 PM, Registration opens

7:00 PM, Event kickoff – Opening presentations

8:45 PM, Breakout participant pitching session

10:00 PM, Team formation

11:00 PM, Friday events end


[table width=”100%”] Time, Event Details

8:00 AM, Breakfast

9:00 AM, Saturday Kick-off

12:00 PM, Team Registration

12:00 PM, Lunch

5:00 PM, Dinner

6:30 PM, Practice Pitches

10:30 PM, Formal event ends


[table width=”100%”] Time, Event Details 

8:00 AM, Breakfast 

9:00 AM, Practice Pitches 

12:00 PM, Lunch 

1:00 PM, Final Presentations 

3:30 PM, Prizes presented 

5:00 PM, Event ends

Where to Find Help

Mentor Queue

Would you like an expert opinion or viewpoint? Then check out the mentor queue! In the mentor queue, your team can file tickets and inquiries and get fast in-person feedback from expert mentors in business, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and technology. 

Help Desk

Do you have a general logistics question, such as How do I find a mentor? Or, How do I access Slack? Then you should come visit the Help Desk!

You can also find more logistical details and a map of our venue by clicking the link below.


To help ensure that the Grand Hack runs smoothly, we have set up a Slack workspace for the event. We’ll be posting important announcements throughout the course of the event, and feel free to create your own channel for your team!

Please install the Slack mobile and/or web app, or access the workspace by browser.

Forms and Links

Technical Resources

Like yourself, we consider ourselves innovators. Recently, we celebrated 40 years of innovation. Our technology connects healthcare professionals to life-critical information – and better patient care – when it matters most. Click here to view some real-world innovation supported by InterSystems technology.  

For this year’s Grand Hack, we are providing access to powerful technology tools to help you innovate and solve for healthcare’s biggest challenges.  

During the Grand Hack, we will have both a workshop session and mentors onsite to provide assistance and insight for the challenges you are working on.  

We look forward to collaborating with you during the course of the event and seeing how you and your peers can help solve for some of healthcare’s biggest challenges.


Knox SDK extends the functionality of the standard Android SDK to provide granular access to device features, security options, customization settings, and more.  Create tailored solutions by remapping hardware keys, designing kiosks, deploying policies by geographical location, and customizing the booting animation. Keep sensitive enterprise data secure by restricting access to settings, pre-configuring VPN and firewall settings, and whitelisting and blacklisting apps.

* KNOX Developer Keys to activate KNOX SDK will be available onsite.

Samsung DeX:

Samsung DeX is a new user experience that extends the functionality of your Android device to a PC-like environment. Simply connect your Samsung DeX compatible device to an HDMI monitor with the Samsung DeX Station, DeX Pad or HDMI adaptor and it automatically launches.

SPen Remote SDK:

The S Pen from the Note9 is connected via Bluetooth. The S Pen can remotely control specific app features. This guide enables you to know how to map the functionality of the S Pen button in order to use the S Pen Remote. The S Pen button can be set to respond to a single or double button press in the S Pen Settings. It is possible to add, this functionality, to as many app features as you want.

 Sensor Extension SDK:

Sensor Extension allows you to use sensors which are not supported by Google Android. It provides Meaningful data from sensors in the Samsung Device. Sensor Extension SDK supports the feature below.

  • Heart Rate Monitor(HRM) Sensor IR/RED/GREEN/BLUE Signal
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Index

Galaxy Accessory SDK:

Accessory SDK allows you to connect accessory devices to Samsung smart devices. With Accessory SDK, you can define a new service between the accessory and smart device, enabling you to use the various smart device functions from the accessory device. The service is compatible with various connectivity environments, which makes accessory development efficient and convenient 

Bixby Vison SDK:

Bixby Vision detects images and gives you the information you need. It finds products online, searches for similar images, shows notable locations nearby, translates text, reads QR codes, and more. 

App design guide for foldable phones:

Within the next few months, mobile devices will be introduced with new form factors. First of these form factors that will be offered in the market are foldable phones. Soon, various types of form factor devices will be released.

For upcoming new form factors on devices, the teams at Samsung and at Google Android hope that app developers will look first at this design guide as the first step.

The athenahealth API encompasses over 580 publicly available endpoints, spanning all aspects of athenahealth’s practice management, revenue cycle management, clinical documentation, and patient engagement services. athenahealth’s RESTful API platform handles more than 1 billion calls each month, and supports more than 200 third-party applications, as well as dozens of clients with homegrown applications. Check out to explore these endpoints and start making calls in our sandbox environment today!

Figure 1 is an image sharing app limited to only Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). Clinicians use it to share and discuss patient cases and learn from each other. Throughout the hackathon, you can submit your ideas onto Figure 1 and receive real-time feedback from medical professionals.

We have a designated Figure 1 account that any team can use to receive feedback on their projects. Please submit your post using this form, or find a volunteer at the Help Desk to assist you!

Once you’ve submitted your cases, you can keep track of the responses using the log-in information below:

  • email:
  • password: guestaccount3
  • The hackathon profile can be found here. From there, teams should be able to easily locate their cases and view comments. 
All cases must be submitted before 9PM on Saturday. 
1upHealth helps healthcare apps connect to hundreds of health system electronic medical records across the nation using standard health APIs called FHIR. Patients can authorize access to their full medical history  in seconds using a standard oAuth2 flow. In addition to clinical data aggregation, developers can directly build their apps on top of 1up’s HIPAA compliant backend and store information using the 1up API platform. For the MIT Grand Hack, everyone will have access to the 1up APIs for free. If their team members have accounts at any of the health systems or hospitals supported by 1up, they can pull in their real medical information via API otherwise they can use test data from demo accounts.

Judging Criteria

Health Impact

Does the solution have the potential for widespread public health impact? Does it address an important challenge identified in chronic condition care, connected health, healthcare at home, and/or any other clear global health need?


How technologically innovative and creative is the solution ("better/faster/cheaper")? Does the team provide a convincing rationale for why their solution may work, and do they address significant technical issues relevant to their problem?

Business Model

Does the project have a sustainable business model especially relevant to their customers? Does the team demonstrate plans to work in the field and continually incorporate end-user feedback?


How effective was the presentation? Does this team have what it takes to carry on the project and implement it (e.g. cross-disciplinary expertise in technology development, clinical medicine and business/implementation)?



[table class=”sticky”]Title, Description

1st place, $1500

2nd place, $1000

3rd place, $500

Mental Health

[table class=”sticky”]Title, Description

1st place, $1500

2nd place, $1000

3rd place, $500

Surgical Outcomes

[table class=”sticky”]Title, Description

1st place, $1500

2nd place, $1000

3rd place, $500

Assistive Tech & Rehab

[table class=”sticky”]Title, Description

1st place, $1500

2nd place, $1000

3rd place, $500

Special prizes

InterSystems Logo

$1000 InterSystems Challenge Prize

InterSystems is offering a prize of $1000 for the best use of InterSystems IRIS for Health Technology. All tracks, participants, and teams are eligible for this special prize.
Eligible Tracks: #Cancer, #MentalHealth, #SurgicalOutcomes, #AssistiveTech & #Rehab
The Samsung Breakthroughs that Matter award will be presented to the three MIT Grand Hack teams that most effectively embrace Samsung technology to create transformative digital health solutions with the potential to help the VA solve their toughest challenges.
The goal of this award is to cultivate a cadre of innovative development teams that put forward compelling applications in areas such as remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and clinician workflow efficiency toimprove access to, and quality of, care for our nation’s veterans
Eligible Tracks: #Cancer, #MentalHealth, #AssistiveTech & #Rehabilitation
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$500 Optum Prize

4 total - 1 per track

Optum is a leading health services innovation company that is helping people live healthier lives and helping make the health system work better for everyone. Our aspiration is to improve experiences and outcomes for everyone we serve while reducing the total cost of care. The prize will be awarded for the idea that best improves experiences and outcomes for a specific market group/demographic within the healthcare system, helps reduce total cost of care, and supports people living healthier lives

$1,000 AAPM Prize for Best Assistive Tech & Rehab Hack to Improve Lives of Patients with Chronic Pain

More than 100 million American adults suffer from chronic pain, making pain more prevalent than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined. The American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) is proud to sponsor a $1,000 Challenge Prize that will be awarded the 2019 MIT Grand Hack team presenting the assistive technology and rehabilitation hack with the most potential to improve the function, quality of life, and/or treatment for patients with chronic pain.

MIT Sandbox Startup

Fast Track

An award for $5,000 to the team with an innovative technology and program participation through the summer of 2019.  Program participation includes access to mentors and experts throughout the summer.  The team must include at least one MIT student.
Eligible Tracks: #Cancer, #MentalHealth, #SurgicalOutcomes, #AssistiveTech & #Rehabilitation




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